Sustainability Tea Programme (trustea)

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The trustea project is an initiative of “IDH the sustainable trade initiative” (IDH), Netherlands.  IDH coordinates the overall India sustainable tea programme (trustea) and supports the Programme.

The overall purpose of trustea project is to contribute to moving the tea industry producers in India into adopting a sustainability code which shall promote sustainable agricultural practices that shall improve productivity and reduce cost ensuring future security of tea supply in India and also to protect the eco system (soil, water and bio-diversity) whilst improving the quality of life for producers and workers.

The Company has undertaken “Sustainability Tea Programme - trustea” as its own CSR project with “Solidaridad Regional Edpertise Centre (SREC)” as its implementing agency, for implementing the India Sustainable Tea Project (trustea) activities ensuring Environmental, Social and Economic sustainability (ecological balance, conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water, whilst improving the quality of life for producers and workers) of Indian Tea, including handholding, capacity building and awareness generation on good agricultural and globally accepted sustainable practices by small tea growers/farmers, workers, bought leaf factories and tea estates.

This trustea project seeks to sustainably transform around 450 million kgs. (18% of all black tea in the world) or 1/3rd of all tea produced in India. The project will benefit around 5,00,000 workers (50% of all tea workers in India) and 40,000 small holders (26% of all small holders) who are growing tea on around 3,00,000 hectares of land.