Cancer Awareness, Research, Aid to Cancer Patients etc.

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Cancer Awareness, Research, Aid to Cancer Patients etc.

The Company’s other CSR project in the field of health care is with the Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS) (as its implementing agency) for supporting cancer awareness, research and aids to the cancer patients. The Company has contributed the Rs. 25 lakhs towards this project during 2016-17, which have been utilized towards following causes:

  • Cancer awareness and public education program,
  • Helping needy cancer patients,
  • Cancer research activities,
  • Cancer patients adoption,
  • Cancer insurance scheme and
  • Contributing to specialty medical education centre.

Cancer Awareness, Research, Aid to Cancer Patients etc.

The objective of this project is mainly to prevent, diagnose and eradiate cancer with focus on helping poor and needy people of the Gujarat State.

Around 340 cancer patients took benefits under this project.

The Gujarat Cancer Society is a statewide community based health organization committed to support cancer care with modern facilities to the poor cancer patients. The GCS is helping needy cancer patients by offering medical aid and medicines at subsidized rate, facilitate early detection of cancer through health check-up programs and creating public awareness by conducting cancer awareness exhibitions and cancer detection camps.  The GCS was formed in the year 1961 under the patronage of the H.E. Governor of Gujarat, Shri Mehdi Navaj Jung.  The GCS is an active member along with the state authorities in spearheading cancer care activity in the State of Gujarat. The GCS also support cancer education and research activities through its institute viz., The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute recognized by Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as State Cancer Institute.